Shakuntalam Review: The poignant story of the struggle of Shankut’s Pali daughter, Allu Arha, won hearts by becoming India.

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Samantha, Dev Mohan, Ananya Nagalla, Prakash Raj, Gautami, Madhu, Sachin Khedekar, Kabir Bedi, Jishu Sengupta, Kabir Duhan Singh and Allu Arha.

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Gunasekhara and Sai Madhav bad



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Dil Raju and Neelima


14 April 2023


The story of Shakuntala is scattered from the Adiparva of the Mahabharata to the Padmapurana and Kalidasa’s epic ‘Abhigian Shankutalam’. Shakuntala means Shanku (birds) changed. Every writer has created the character of Shakuntala according to his own. Dushyanta’s memory loss by Sage Durvasa is also used as an excuse in several places, but this is the story of a girl whose parents abandoned her after birth. And, whose guardian loves her more than his real daughter. This is also the story of Shakuntala, who became pregnant in moments of love while demanding justice from her husband. Shakuntala, born from the love affair of the sage Vishvamitra and the Apsara Menaka, has two forms, one Shakuntala who gives bodily visions of Shingar Rasa and one Shakuntala who has to regain her self-esteem.

Shakuntalam Review in Hindi by Pankaj Shukla Samantha Ruth Prabhu Gunasekhar Allu Arha Dil Raju

-Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

The story of Mother Shakuntala of India

The film ‘Shakuntalam’ begins with the birth of its main character, Shakuntala. Time passes and the maid Shakuntala and King Dushyanta of Hastinapur come face to face. When Shakuntala’s guardian Kanava Rishi is not at the hermitage, the two have a direct acquaintance. Both have love. Both Gandharvas get married. And Shakuntala becomes pregnant. Dushyant forgets his promise in the excess of intimate moments. Dushyant refuses to recognize Shakuntala. The promise between the two is that only their descendants will sit on the throne of Hastinapur. And, these children are Bharat, after whom the country of India is named.

Shakuntalam Review in Hindi by Pankaj Shukla Samantha Ruth Prabhu Gunasekhar Allu Arha Dil Raju

-Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

A vulnerable story of a strong woman

If we read the story of Shakuntala carefully, like other mythological stories, the writers of this story have created false stories everywhere to prove the innocence of its male protagonist, Dushyanta. But, despite this, it is the first established story of female empowerment in mythology in which a woman takes an oath from a king to fight for justice for his son, who is infatuated by her looks. The thing is that the story takes a happy turn and reaches its end because of the ring found by the fisherman. But Gunasekhar, the writer and director of the movie Shakuntalam, failed to understand the insight of this story. The choice of Samantha Ruth Prabhu for the title role of the film is also a big mistake. Samantha’s bargain and body doesn’t look like a forest-born sage-girl. Samantha is beautiful but she doesn’t have the looks, beauty and makeup of a proper woman. He also fails to reveal the origin of Shakuntala’s character.

Shakuntalam Review in Hindi by Pankaj Shukla Samantha Ruth Prabhu Gunasekhar Allu Arha Dil Raju

-Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

Great acting by Allu Arha

Dev Mohan, who is playing the role of Dushyant in the film ‘Shakuntalam’, has of course tried his best to justify his choice as King Dushyant, but since the main focus of the film is on Shakuntala. Dushyant’s character is not developed properly due to lack of script. The Hindi dubbing of the two main characters is also not very impressive. Some of the famous actors of Hindi cinema are also roped in to establish the film’s connection with the Hindi-speaking regions, but none leave an impact except Prakash Raj. Yes, the acting of Allu Arha, daughter of the actor Allu Arjun who plays Bharat, is fantastic. Her childlike innocence and natural glow on her face give strength to her character. Allu Arha’s work in the climax of the film wins the hearts of the audience.

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