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Shivam Joshi An entrepreneur from 18 and corporate trainer from 19, Shivam’s story will amaze you. He shows great understanding in choosing and pursuing his preferred career. Determined to continue his journey when students his age were on a 12-hour non-stop bus breaking into the JEE IIT, his logic and statistics were ready.

At the age of 17, he knew that out of about 12 students who took IIT JEE, about 10,000 would break it. While the first thousand people will be admitted to the college and course of their choice, the rest will be happy with the courses and colleges if available.

The same is true of students who do not violate the IIT and receive an entry to colleges and courses they never thought of before. At this young age, Shivam knew that a package of high-paying, high-flying jobs could not disappoint Ivy Colleges. He knows what he wants and these tricks make him go his own way and pursue his own dreams.

Shivam Joshi Education

At the IIT JEE entrance examination stage, Shivam continued his field of programming and innovation. In 2019 he won the mayor’s innovation award for traffic controller development. was voted fifth in the Indian Hackathon in 2019.

His most coveted accomplishments include the automated parking he developed, which was inaugurated at Stanford International University in Thailand in September 2019 and received high praise and reviews.

During this time he was offered admission to the University of Turin, Italy. He represents the state of Maharashtra in Faridabad Global Innovation (FGSI 2020) and remains third. He is the winner of the Kerala Hackathon 2020 Rural Development and an ambassador for the IEEE Rising Stars Conference in the US.

shivam joshi
Shivam Joshi – An Entrepreneur

As a data game that has a strong command of Python algorithms, AI, and machine learning, Shivam Codons Technologies Pvt. Ltd. developed. From the ground. Codons have trained thousands of students and company employees in Python ML.

Codon Technologies is a mentor and guide for ambitious data professionals. prepare company employees and offer training. Codons Technologies offers training for company employees, viz. L&T, Wipro, IBM, TCS and HCL, and others.

The company is taking the initiative to inspire and educate people with intensive data scientist training camps, data analytics, and a variety of specialty programs leading to modern 21st-century skills.

Since working with people, he has learned one of the most important lessons he wants to teach young people: “Interest and commitment in your work is an important aspect of growth.” It doesn’t matter what you study, from which university, no matter what rank you have reached a time when you lacked a passion, interest, and inner accomplishment that you couldn’t show.

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Rahul Tarar

Rahul Tarar is a 22 years Old Indian digital marketer and digital entrepreneur and graduates from Chandigarh university.

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