SHOCKING!!! Did You Know Bollywood’s Villain Ranjeet Had Once Hit Sridevi With A Hunter?

Bollywood’s villain Ranjeet has won hearts with his work over the years. His stunning acting skills have earned immense praise over the years. However, that’s that, it’s not known to many, that he had to hit Sridevi with a hunter filming a scene.
Talking about the same, he revealed to ETimes, how difficult it was for him to shoot for the scene. He said that he had to hit Sridevi with a hunter and laugh out loud, and that was the same day when his father passed away.
He said, ‘Do you know I flew down to Hyderabad to shoot for a film the day my father passed away? I was like a rock but when he died, I shook like a leaf. Relatives started coming down from all over the country to pay their last respects as he was the eldest in the family, but I took the flight out. I decided to shoot for my portions so that the sets don’t go waste, and my father, who had never been accused of any wrongdoing in life, didn’t end up being blamed for the failed shoot on his death bed. So I went there, laughed aloud like a villain for the camera, went back to my room and sobbed, hit Sridevi with a hunter, returned to the room wailing; I kept washing my face with chilled soda in between shots so that no one would know.’ As stated in an article by MSN, quoted from Bollywood Life.
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