SHOCKING!!! Weight Gained By Kartik Aaryan For Freedy Will Leave You Speechless

Kartik Aaryan has recently hit the headlines after his terrific weight transformation for the film Freddy. The actor earned immense love from fans with his new looks. He gained 12 to 14 kgs for the film.
However, while maintaining a good physique is important, Kartik Aaryan didn’t give it a second thought after he was asked to gain weight for the film and amazed us with his transformation.
He was trained by Samir Jaura, who said, “Transformations aren’t just limited to shredding or getting ripped, sometimes it also involves putting on kilos and fat but doing it in a very supervised and safe manner. Kartik was able to gain 14 kilos to achieve this look with disciplined, tailor-made workouts and the right diet. His dedication is incredible because he is genetically lean so to gain the weight in that particular time frame for his role is truly commendable. In fact, he has already started losing weight from his Freddy look to get ready for his next film.” As stated in Bollywood Life.
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