Sidhu Moosewala made a Big announcement about Moosetape Deluxe, Rebirth and more

Sidhu Moosewala’s last live session on Instagram was great. This is not only the artist’s normal interactions with his fans, but he continues to do so to make some big announcements about his upcoming projects. The hopes of Sidhu’s fans were dashed when the singer made the big announcement about Moosetape Deluxe and more.

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Following the release of Moosetape’s last song, Celebrity Killer, tattoo artist Kamzinkzone posted a story on his official Instagram that rocked the music industry. While fans are deeply saddened by the end of the 3-month season of Moosetape, Kamzinkzone story announces that Moosetape Deluxe is coming soon!

But now, in his last interaction with his fans, Sidhu Moosewala himself made it clear that Moosetape Deluxe is NOT coming! “Moosetape’s full album has been released and contains nothing,” the artist said. Just minutes later, a fan asked Sidhu Moosewala about the possible release of his song “Re-birth”.

The rebirth is the part that Sidhu Moosewala fans have been waiting for and it is important for the artist to finally make an official announcement about it. Just like Moosetape Deluxe, Rebirth suffers the same fate. He will not be released, says Sidhu Musevala, and clears all the noise about the song. Thus, two of the artist’s most anticipated projects have been canceled and will never be released!

But that wasn’t the end of the absolute single that Sidhu had after his film debut as lead actor Moosa Jatt. Sidhu announced that after releasing Moosa Jatt, he will have a long list of single songs ready for his fans.


Sidhu also invites the audience to get an idea of ​​the story of his film Moosa Jatt which will be released on October 1, 2021. He reveals that the entire film is based on the life of a farmer, whose agricultural account and other laws govern the lives of farmers and the difficulties they face in their lives. The film is aimed exclusively at farmers, as Sidhu Musevala revealed on his Instagram live. Sidhu’s life has been heartbreaking for some fans, while with the release of a number of singles and films, some fans are filled with curiosity and excitement.

Sidhu Moosewala Rebirth Leaked Video

Rebirth Sidhu Mossewala Video Leaked

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