Taapsee Pannu Opens Up On The Difference Of Bikini Body And Athletic Body: Have A Look What She Had To Say

Taapsee Pannu is all pumped up for her upcoming film, Rashmi Rocket. The actress has endeavoured to foster an athletic body – for the film, which happens to be a different body than what we expect our actresses to be.
Saying that the actress has also clarified that how these two body types are completely different from each other.
She said, “To get a bikini body, you have to follow a streamlined approach, and that is to simply shed weight. Nothing between your skin and bones.”
She added, “That’s what you have to achieve if you look at the kind of bikini body that people expect to see; slim and slender. Now, I don’t have a body type that can complement that kind of look. I am an athletically built person, so even if I get down to skin and bones, you won’t see that petite frame that you see with a lot of other actors.” As quoted by Spot Boye.

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