Take A Look At The Iconic Red Carpet Looks Of Blake Lively; From Versace To Gucci

Blake Lively is a one-of-a-kind talent. Lively rose to prominence as a performer with roles in teen classics such as the sisterhood of the easy traveling pants and gossip girl, but her true impact extends beyond the screen. When it comes to fashion, Lively, who turns 34 today, has become one of the most admired women on the planet. Her red carpet style pleases one’s heart & she dresses to highlight her best features. Lively has an eclectic wardrobe that includes a variety of designers and themes united in their sultriness. She is a fan of French luxury mainstays (Chanel and Dior) and classic American sportswear (Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren). Serena van der Woodsen’s basic boho aesthetic may frustrate some fans, but the sheer quantity of eye-catching design that Lively has been able to play within everyday life over the years more than makes up for it.
While her protagonists impact her premiere outfits—who can forget the plethora of tuxedos she wore for the press tour for A Simple Favor?—Lively is at her best when she encompasses her inner shocking revelation. She consistently makes a splash when she steps out, with the ability to give sweetness to the slinkiest designer fare and much-needed sex appeal to demure ensembles. Who knows who else might come from their post-pregnancy hiatus exhausted? Lively did precisely that in January at the opening of her action film The Rhythm Section, and she did it in thigh-high leather boots, no less. Few people can pull off a liquid metal Versace mini-dress, but Lively looked stunning in a halter neck version of the outfit at the brand’s pre-fall 2019 show in Manhattan.
Lively’s sexiness isn’t limited to clothes that flaunt her figure or show-stopping accessories; she wears each look with confidence and ease. She may enjoy a plunging v-neck or a thigh-baring cut, but her outfits are never just for show.
Instead, she embraces her sexuality and dresses how she wants, independent of current fashion trends. Lively has worked out what works for her as an actor, producer, occasional blogger, and mother, and it shows in her clothing. A glance back at her most memorable ensembles demonstrates the power of an eye-catching gown and how to dress to catch everyone’s attention.

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