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Tech Burner Exposed: Is Shlok Srivastava aka Tech Burner Really Copied “Capesindia” Product’s?

Shlok Srivastava aka Tech Burner recently launched phones and laptop skin’s via Layers Brand which goes successful after their launch. On the First Day of launch they have got approximately 7 Million of user traffic on their Brand Website.

But Recently Tech Burner aka Shlok surrounder by a controversy which claims that his Latest Venture copid phone skin renders from the competitor brand Capesindia.

Claim’s is made by Parth Mashrani owner and founder of Capes India. He went to twitter and explained the whole story exposing Tech Burner Team for copying their products renders from their website.

He added some screenshots of proof that clearly show that the product render which is used by Layers on their website are copied from cape india website after slightly modification.

Here is the whole conversation about Parth Mashrani‘s tweet’s about his claim of copying their renders and website.

He Wrote:

I can’t believe how a BIG TECH YOUTUBER can do this. No one should be able to get away with this. Most of our front-end code base & product renders were copied by @Layers_shop, the latest venture of tech burner.

The code was copied to such an extent that our domain name was also on their code base. Here’s a screenshot of that. Our domain has been highlighted in the image.

They have also copied our product renders. Mockups that were designed, shot and edited in our studio. Here’s a screenshot proof of those product renders. The funny thing is that they don’t even sell charger skins, but since it was there in our base image, it’s on theirs.

Read Twitter Thread Here: Parth Mashrani exposing Tech Burner

After the one side conversation we are currently waiting for Tech Burner reply about this claim. we will share with you the latest updates about this in our next article.

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