The Hot And Sassy Chitrangada Singh Gives Tips For Women To Survive On Their Own Terms In The Industry: Have A Look

Chitrangada Singh, considered one of the finest and sexiest actresses in the industry, has stunned us with her work onscreen. The actress has not only got stunning acting chops but also a terrific hot quotient to wow us.
Speaking of that, of late, the actress who has ditched ageing has given some tips to the young women who want to thrive in the industry.
1. Have a thick skin
“You need to believe in yourself and not in the 1000 opinions that people will have and the 100 opinions that will change every day,” she said.
2. Be Passionate
“Be in the film industry for the right reasons. You need to have a passion for cinema or acting,” she said.
3. Keep yourself fit
“Film is a visual medium so it’s very important that you invest in your fitness and in yourself. Whether it is your diction, acting skills or your dialogue delivery, I think it’s very important to get that in place as well. When that one opportunity comes, you really need to make the most of it,”
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Devang Borisagar

Devang Borisagar is an digital marketing expert and social media manager who is helping gujarati artist to grow on the social media platforms.

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