Kerala Story: The LDF government has come up with ‘The Real Kerala Story’ on its second anniversary

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Thiruvananthapuram. The Left Democratic Front (LDF) in Kerala on Saturday marked two years of its government by releasing an advertisement quoting the title of the controversial film ‘The Kerala Story’, claiming that the state is a place of social harmony and progressiveness. will continue to maintain value under its rule. Celebrating ‘The Real Kerala Story’.

Posting an advertisement published in leading national newspapers, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan tweeted that by embracing social justice, his government has brought inclusive growth that empowers all. The Chief Minister wrote, “On the second anniversary of the Kerala government, let us celebrate ‘the real Kerala story’, where dreams flourish and humanity thrives.”

“The Hindi film ‘The Kerala Story’, which has recently been screened across the country, has been accused of portraying a negative image of Kerala. In the advertisement ‘The Real Kerala Story’, the government calls Kerala “a jewel in the crown”. “Tells. India” and a beacon of progressive ideals”. The ad features Chief Minister Vijayan’s image alongside people from various walks of life like farmers, healthcare workers, transgenders.

Refuting the allegations of its critics, the government also claimed in the advertisement that compassion and social justice advance the Left government’s policies, empowering marginalized communities and creating equal opportunities for all.Page The colorful advertisement highlights the achievements of the LDF government in the last two years. The year also claimed that the southern state has emerged as an example of “people-centred progress” and “a unique model of collective development”.

Kerala has made remarkable achievements in sustainable development, innovation, healthcare, tourism and other sectors under the Left government, the advertisement said. -Various programs were organized. Hundreds of workers of the opposition Congress-led UDF laid siege to the state secretariat in Thiruvananthapuram. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) also held various demonstrations.

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