The Night Agent Review: A gripping detective story from the basement of the White House, the perfect series to binge watch

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night agent

the artist

Gabriel Basso, Lucian Buchanan, Hong Chow, DB Woodside, Fola Evans Akingbola, Eve Harlow and Phoenix Roy among others.

the author

Sean Ryan, Munis Rasheed, Seth Fisher, Corey DeShawn, Imogen Browder, Tiffany Shaw and Rachel Wolff (based on the novel by Matthew Quirk)


Seth Gordon, Guy Farland, Rama Mosley, Adam Arkin and Millicent Shelton

the creator

Sony picture television




March 23, 2023


An FBI agent traveling on a subway train stops to offer a seat to a woman who has boarded the train with her daughter. The girl is amused and amused for some time when she notices a young man who slips a black bag under the seat and gets off before the train starts. There is a bomb blast. Fortunately, the FBI agent would have stopped the train before that and gotten most of the passengers off. Netflix’s new web series The Night Agent picks up a year after the fictional FBI agent is placed on special duty in a small room in the basement of the White House, the official residence of the US president. Its job is to listen to incoming calls on the phone in that room and immediately inform the concerned authorities about it. This is a top secret mission, ‘Night Agent’, which is under the protection of the President.

Night Agent Review in Hindi by Pankaj Shukla Shaun Ryan Gabriel Basso Lucian Buchanan Hong Chow Netflix

Night agent review
-Photo: Amar Ujala, Mumbai

An exciting series on pulp literature

These spies, former or present, who work as night agents are like the spies in the spy novels of Surinder Mohan Pathak or Ved Prakash Sharma. In India, OTT has shown little power to create a series on pulp literature, but American producers know how to appreciate the popularity of such stories. Based on the novel of the same name written by Matthew Quirk, the entire blueprint of the web series ‘The Night Agent’ has been prepared by the same Sean Ryan who has previously produced web series like ‘Sweat’ and ‘Shield’. Sean Ryan is the creator of the series, so it’s sure to be alive. Sean has assembled a great team of writers and directors for this series. It is the story of a former CEO of an IT company who accidentally or accidentally bumps into a young FBI agent. The two speak to each other for the first time through a call on the same phone that rings when the night agent is in danger.

Night Agent Review in Hindi by Pankaj Shukla Shaun Ryan Gabriel Basso Lucian Buchanan Hong Chow Netflix

Night agent review
-Photo: Amar Ujala, Mumbai

The story of Abhimanyu trapped in Chakravyu

The story unfolds slowly and with every detail new characters are added. The president’s chief of staff has complete confidence in the young night agent he has hired. The exchange of trust is going on at the same level as IT. A wise young woman finds a way to unlock a hard disk left behind by her relatives. It has been learned that the bomb blast in the metro, which the F.B.I. The agent’s stoppage of the train took place inside the tunnel, which was actually where a person was present, to kill whom the attackers had prepared to destroy the entire area. . And, the next attack is about to happen again and its days are numbered. A bunty and bubli type of couplet also appears in the links connecting the attackers. Both are fearsome killers and they killed both the relatives of the former CEO of the IT company. The case gets stuck there when there is no understanding of who is right and who is wrong and overnight the agent on the run from his own people gets caught in a maze. The story ends its first season by hinting at the expansion of the second season.

Night Agent Review in Hindi by Pankaj Shukla Shaun Ryan Gabriel Basso Lucian Buchanan Hong Chow Netflix

Night agent review
-Photo: Amar Ujala, Mumbai

The series is based on the enthusiastic efforts of the couples

The real attraction of the web series ‘The Night Agent’ is its ensembles. A couple are from Gabriel and Lucian. Lucien Buchanan’s chemistry develops smoothly as the brilliant FBI agent Gabriel Basso and to some extent Mrunal Thakur. As an IT professional trying to protect his relatives from assassins, Lucian accompanies Gabrielle in every scene of the series. Both have love too. Both fall in love with each other. But when, where, at what point these two characters will meet in the second season and whether they will meet or not, this mystery will still remain. The second pair is of two serial killers. Eve and Phoenix as a pair do a great job of keeping the series’ ferocious juice. When Eve Horlow, as the bloodthirsty killer Ellen, begs her lover for a girl and the lover repeatedly laments his profession, the scene is one of human emotion deep in the necks of people in the world of crime. Mirz becomes the scene

Night Agent Review in Hindi by Pankaj Shukla Shaun Ryan Gabriel Basso Lucian Buchanan Hong Chow Netflix

Night agent review
-Photo: Amar Ujala, Mumbai

The perfect series to binge watch

All 10 episodes of the series have been directed by a total of five directors and perhaps that’s why the series seems a bit random. The plot of the blossoming relationship between the Vice President’s daughter and his security guards makes no sense. The story also weakens there when the daughter, learning painting, breaks her own safety net for carnal pleasure. However, in the last two episodes of the series, the story picks up once again and almost succeeds in its plan, with the series’ hero and heroine attempting to sabotage the assassins’ plan at the last minute. The action scenes of the series are very exciting. The story of the series is woven so well that the makers felt no need for sex scenes in it. In case of Indian languages, only Hindi dubbing is available.

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