The song “Maaro Savariyo” by Santwani Trivedi hits the right note. Produced by Munna Shukla and Shukul Music.

Singer Santvani Trivedi who recently topped the charts with her release “krishna mashup” is now all set to swoon the audience with producer Munna Shukul’s s  romantic track ” Maro savariyo” which is sure to tug at your heartstrings in no time.

The gist of the song revolves around love and longing and is much relevant not only for today’s audience but for audience and music lovers across all generations. For the young music lovers, it feels relatable and for the older generation it is sure to bring back pleasant memories. Producer Munna Shukul and singer Santvani Trivedi have tried to serve a track with an element of uniqueness .

Singer Santvani Trivedi aspires to surprise and make her  audience fall in love with her calm and heartwarming voice all over again.
The video track is such that it aptly captures the contemporary feel and shifts the listeners to the time when they have been in a similar situation and makes it a blissful and wholesome experience for viewers to watch.

The video track has been unveiled on youtube handle of SHUKUL MUSIC and music lovers who gravitate around to genre of soft and romantic melodies are going to have a delightful experience watching this track starring Harsh Thakkar. Fans have showered immense love and appraisal on the track and with the electrifying energy that the track has been crafted with , it is sure to deliver cheerful vibes.

Coming to the credits of the song , tigis foot tapping song has been crooned by singer Santvani Trivedi ,  produced by Munna Shukul , music director is Aakash Parmar. Whereas it has been directed by Hema Shukla,  assistant director is Kautik Shukla and DOP is Mehul Prajapati and production by team shukul Showbiz.

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