Umesh Parmar: A well known tabla player from Gujarat

The pride of Gujarat Umesh Parmar is a well known tabla player globally. Umesh Parmar was born on 16/01/1997 in Junagadh. His father Parmar Manjibhai Harjibhai and mother Minaben Manjibhai.

Coming from a normal family, Umesh Parmar saw many ups and downs in his life and in a difficult life, in a difficult situation, his goal was to become something and worked hard for it and finally achieved success. The beat shakes the people.

Umesh Parmar Family Background and Struggle

Umesh Parmar was born in a normal family in Junagadh. Raising children was a very difficult task in a situation where his parents were doing cleaning work. In such an environment, Umesh Parmar completed his primary education in Junagadh.

After completing his education, he was able to study only up to 11th standard. In his childhood, when he was going to Dhun Mandal with his grandmother, he started playing drums and from there, his journey started with music.

If he didn’t even have money to buy a tabla, then learning is a long way off … After working as a cleaner, his father brought the tabla with great effort and his mother gave him a tabla class for 6 months due to financial constraints.

He left the class and started practicing bhajans and songs on the radio at home. In the local bhajan Santvani, he also sat behind his father’s bicycle and went to the bhajan program on a 10/12 km bicycle.

Instead of a tabla stand, he would wrap the cloth around the tabla and his father would request that if my son plays the tabla, let him play it for a while and that is how he started playing the tabla. Gradually, he started getting programs as a tabla player and in the meanwhile he worked hard and made a name for himself.

Thus, in the midst of many struggles, he became a successful tabla player. Today he offers programs in Gujarat and India as well as in countries like Australia, USA.

Umesh Parmar official Instagram Handle : Click Here

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