Citadel Review: Priyanka’s 40-year-old action wonder, chemistry with Richard Madden yet to be tested

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Movie review

the artist

Priyanka Chopra Jones, Richard Madden, Stanley Tucci, Moira Kelly and Roland Moller

the author

David Weil, Josh Applebaum, Brian Oh, Melissa Glenn and Angela Russo Austout


Newton Thomas Siegel and Jessica Yu

the creator

Anthony Russo, Joe Russo and David Weil


28 April 2023 (two episodes)


300 million dollars i.e. around Rs 2500 crores, yes, this is the budget of Amazon Prime Video’s web series Citadel starring Priyanka Chopra Jones. Priyanka Chopra also came to Mumbai to promote it and before her arrival, there were many reports that she was coming to avenge her ‘Mumbai Niklaya’. The circumstances under which Priyanka Chopra had to leave the Hindi film industry are no longer hidden from anyone. Shah Rukh Khan’s reign at the box office has been re-established and Priyanka, who was once his favorite heroine, has followed suit. He has shown all that in ‘Quantico’ on OTT, for which foreign series people in India go crazy. So what now in ‘Citadel’? The preview of the rest of the episodes at the end of the second episode shows that Priyanka still has a lot to show. After all, it is only at the age of forty that a person makes a real career move.

Web Series in Hindi Citadel Review Amazon Prime Video Priyanka Chopra Jones Richard Madden Russo Brothers

-Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

The story is very familiar

So Priyanka Chopra Jones’ new role on the backgammon of entertainment is the web series ‘Citadel’. Joining them is Richard Madden as Icaris from Marvel Studios’ Eternals. Richard’s previous web series ‘Bodyguard’ has also won much acclaim on OTT. The web series ‘Citadel’ is about an espionage organization that recruits the best spies from around the world to keep the world free from the traps of the nobles. But, the list of these spies has been leaked. The Manticore, a dangerous organization of their nobles, weaves a web of their destruction, in which Nadia Singh and Mason Cain become trapped in a moving train. The story opens eight years ago. Two episodes of ‘Citadel’ have just released. The remaining four episodes will be released one by one on the coming Friday. The first episode is about Mason Kane who has lost his memory. He now has a happy family and one day his true identity is revealed. Elsewhere, Nadia is also working at an Italian restaurant after losing her memory and is approached by Mason. The second episode gives a glimpse of Nadia’s true voice.

Web Series in Hindi Citadel Review Amazon Prime Video Priyanka Chopra Jones Richard Madden Russo Brothers

-Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

Priyanka behind ‘Pathan’!

Priyanka Chopra Jones and Richard Madden play new-age dangerous spies in the web series ‘Citadel’. In ‘Bollywood’, Shah Rukh Khan became ‘Pathan’, while Priyanka Chopra became Nadia Singh and went to Hollywood. The case looks interesting. Both have an emphasis on action. Priyanka is no longer as slim as before. But, even at the age of forty, her charm is amazing. Priyanka didn’t mind showing off her body earlier. Here too she is seen setting new action standards with her ‘enhanced’ lips and sculpted body. But, in the close up shot, his face betrays itself. The biggest problem with the first two episodes of this series is that they are not able to present any shocking scenes for the viewers. Yes, the preview of the upcoming episodes resembles the showreel of all James Bond movies, but there is nothing in the story and direction of ‘Citadel’ that will keep the audience hooked.

Web Series in Hindi Citadel Review Amazon Prime Video Priyanka Chopra Jones Richard Madden Russo Brothers

-Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

Russo Brothers’ brand currency is being spent

The Russo Brothers are known for Marvel Studios’ Avengers films. He has produced the ‘Extraction’ film series for Netflix. He has brought ‘Citadel’ to Prime Video. The idea is to create detective stories from different countries. Varun Dhawan and Samantha’s names have been in the headlines for a long time for the Indian version. But, the series seems to be missing the line that ‘Citadel’ should have drawn in its English version. The budget of the series is around Rs 2.5 thousand crores and this is because a lot of the series has to be re-shot after Devil Vale takes over as the show runner. Despite this, the scenes of the series were not particularly impressive. Yes, Priyanka Chopra’s chemistry with Richard Madden seems to be brewing but it is yet to be tested in the upcoming four episodes.

Web Series in Hindi Citadel Review Amazon Prime Video Priyanka Chopra Jones Richard Madden Russo Brothers

-Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

An attempt is being made to capture the audience on the basis of Priyanka

The real attraction of this series for the Indian audience is the desi girl Priyanka Chopra. And, first in the opening sequence of the series and then in the action sequence of the second episode, Priyanka Chopra also tries her best to live up to the expectations of the audience. The ups and downs of emotions can also be seen in Priyanka’s acting. But, Richard Madden, the second leadoff hitter of the series, improved, not declined. His face is flat and his acting is monotonous. It’s definitely thrilling to see Roland Moller playing twin criminal brothers. Stanley Tucci also impressed in the role of Bernard Orlick. But Lesley Manville, who plays Dahlia Archer, stands nowhere in front of Hong Chow, who plays a similar character in the recently released series, The Night Agent.

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