WHAT!!! Nora Fatehi Once Worked As A Waitress? Read Here

Nora Fatehi is known to be one of the most popular actresses in the country, but she too has faced some great difficulties back in Canada
Nora Fatehi has earned love and fame over the years. With her terrific work onscreen, the actress stunned us all with gorgeous grooves and belly dancing skills over the years.
However, while she currently marks on the top of the list of entertainers from Bollywood, had to face quite a round of difficulties back in Canada, where she primarily worked as a waitress. The actress had to face body-shaming for being skinny, and people there didn’t like skinny girls.
In a recent appearance at a reality show, she spoke about the hurdles she had to face. She got the job when she was 16 and continued it to when she was 18. She also said that how the job of a waitress was quite difficult, for one has to have the right communication skills, personality, good memory, as stated in Film Fare.
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