What to keep in mind while paying to avoid online fraud?

New Delhi As we enter the digital age, fraudsters have also made themselves digital. No one knows when these people fraudulently withdraw money from your bank account or an app wallet. We read and hear such news every day.

This is the reason why many new smartphone users are haunted by the fear of fraud while making payments in online shopping. Since every item or facility in cities is now being paid for through smartphones, it is imperative that transactions are completely secure. Here we are going to tell some things, which will prove effective to avoid online fraud and you will not be a victim of any fraud.

  1. Use only such payment apps
    There are many mobile apps for making payments. But, you should keep in mind that the app should be used only, so that users have good rating. Download the app itself from Play Store and before doing so, check its verified badge as well, and then download the app. Most apps compromise your security for net banking or online payment.

Phone Pe app is most used in India. Also Google Pay, which is from Google itself. Paytm which was much talked about during demonetisation. BHIM is a transaction app brought by Govt. PayPal works well for international payments. You can also use Amazon Pay, Jio Money and Mobikwik.

  1. Do not do any transaction on public WiFi
    Many smartphone users use public WiFi in search of free internet. Free WiFi is available at places like metro, railway stations, parks, coaching. If you want to make a payment, use only your secure internet data. Otherwise, online transactions made over free WiFi may transmit personal information related to your bank to others.

  2. Do not share OTP with anyone
    Be it a digital payment or any bank related payment, the OTP number comes on the mobile. Your transaction process is completed only by filling this OTP. Be careful not to share your OTP number with anyone, otherwise its usage may be missed.

  3. Do not click on unknown links
    Nowadays, cybercriminals keep sending a lot of fake links to mobile users through messages, or try to lure them by pretending to give free gifts. Ignore all such messages and block them wherever they come from. If any such message appears in your account in the name of the bank, then call the bank at once.

  4. Browse the web smartly
    Always use shopping websites that have millions of users. Like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal etc. There are many such websites these days, which take orders, but then do not deliver the products. All in all this is a fraudulent business. Even if you are transacting with a bank, check its website URL several times. Do not share your personal information with any third party bank or financial company. If an unknown person asks you for your ATM PIN, bank detail number on a phone call, don’t even forget to tell it.

  5. Be careful while using the card
    If you are using a card for payment anywhere, also look out for a card reading machine. It should be known whether the POS machine is genuine or not, sometimes some clever people even hack your card from the POS machine. So, first check which bank the machine belongs to. The POS machine company can also be traced by looking at the bill of the machine. Also check out the swipe area and keypad there.

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