Will Aryan Khan Get Bail Today? He Must, Says Shatrughan Sinha

An ominous silence shrouds the Khan bungalow Mannat as the family awaits, in gruelling tension, for the honourable court to grant Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan bail in the drug-bust that’s been occupying the nation’s mindscape since Aryan’s arrest on 2 October.
“He must be granted bail,” asserts Shatrughan Sinha, the only powerful voice from the entertainment industry to have openly spoken up in the beleaguered boy’s defence.
Says the outspoken politician-actor, “Aryan has already been kept in custody for much longer than he should have.Why has he not been given bail so far? This is clearly a case of collateral damage. Those who have an axe to grind with Aryan’s father are using him as a bait. This is not done. Treat the boy in accordance with the law. Don’t make an example of him just because you want to please your bosses.”
While the nation prays for Aryan’s bail, Shah Rukh Khan has changed Aryan’s lawyer. Amit Desai, who got Salman Khan acquitted in the 2002 hit-and-run case has been appointed Aryan’s new lawyer .
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