Yes I Am Student Movie Sidhu Moosewala Release Date

Sidhu Moosewala will start his acting career on October 1, when the actor-turned-singer will star in his film Moosa Jatt.

Shortly after the release of his film Moosa Jatt, the singer-actor had another film Yes I Am Student scheduled for October 22 and there is big news for Sidhu fans with the release of the trailer for Yes I Am Student.

According to an exclusive source, the official trailer for Yes I Am Student will coincidewith the release of the film Moosa Jatt!

This means, for the first time, viewers will see the trailer for Yes I Am Student along with the theatrical version of Moosa Jatt.

When audiences saw the debut film Sidhu starring Moosa Jatt in theaters, they were also treated to the world premiere of the official trailer for Yes I Am Student.

Sidhu Moosewala started his acting career with Moosa Jatt. Along with Moosa Jatt and Yes I Am Student he also wrote “Jattan Da Munda Dress Lagya”, written and directed by Amberdeep Singh, slated for 2022.

Directed by Tarnvir Singh Jagpal and written by Gil Raunta, “Being a Student” is Sidhu Musewala’s most anticipated film.

This is the first film the artist announced almost a year ago. Since then, fans have been patiently waiting for the day the film will finally be released.

The wait is over! It’s now official that the trailer for Yes I Am Student will be released on October 1 with Moosa Jatt and the film will hit theaters worldwide on October 22, 2021.

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