Rahul Tarar – Young Digital Marketer and Influencer

Rahul Tarar is a 22 years old young digital marketer and entrepreneur from Dhani Miran in Hisar, Haryana. He is the founder of Hindu Wire Media and Tarar Media, and is also known as “Rahul Tarar Digital”. He is also an influential personality on Instagram and a motivational role model for young kids.

Rahul Tarar Started Digital Marketing at 18

Rahul Tarar started Digital Marketing at the age of 18 as a Young Digital Marketer Guru. Along with his College studies at Chandigarh University. He was learning new skills every day, whilst being a student of the physical games.

To master his skills he kept applying his knowledge in some real life digital marketing projects. In a span just 3 years, he became very popular, reason being his hard work and passion for Digital Marketing Field.

Working With Punjabi Celebrities

Rahul’s client portfolio includes people like Love Sandhu, a Punjabi musical artist, G Sadhu from Punjabi Music Industry, Punjabi Singer Arun Solanki, Mukku (Mukul Madaan a famous Pollywood Lyricist, Famous Haryanvi Singer Khasa Aala Chahar and many more as a Youngest Digital Marketing Guru.

Rahul Tarar believes to be a Youngest Digital Marketing Guru “forever student” of the digital marketing game, as of the rapid growth in the online marketing; staying one step ahead of his age friends, giving him a advantage to try new opportunities for himself and his clients in the era of competitive market.

He has many projects and opportunities awaiting in the row as he plans to scale up his own online business and registers a company next year.

Empowering and Motivating Youth

Rahul is not just a Marketer but an influencer too, with over 2.5K followers on Instagram, inspiring youths, with his podcast named “Rahul’s Perspective”, sharing his experience, skills and motivating others to take action.

Rahul Tarar Instagram Post

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Rahul Tarar

Rahul Tarar is a 22 years Old Indian digital marketer and digital entrepreneur and graduates from Chandigarh university.

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